Friday, August 28, 2009

Tá Tart Orm! ... "I'm Thirsty!"

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Welcome, Friends, to Famous Seamus's Blog ... we're glad you stopped by!

"Tá tart orm!" That's Gaelic for "I'm Thirsty!"
And, chances are, if you've tracked down 'ole Seamus's blog, you enjoy a taste of the fine brews when you're thirsty, too!
Famous Seamus knows just what it takes to quench a thirst, and if we can pry any of our batches away from him, we try to offer them up to you - our faithful consumer.

As you may already know, we offer six delicious varieties for you to choose from depending on your particular mood at the moment. Our research department (Ronan and Liam) has done studies to assist our customers in deciding which - or all - of the brews might best marry up with their day. Here are some notes that have been ... err ... published:
  • If you're having troubles at home with the little missus, you might enjoy sitting down with our stock standard, "Seamus Campbell's Drunk (Again.)" It's a refreshing ale, that is sure to please the palate, and help you cope with the trials and tribulations that might be happening on the homefront.
  • If the winning lottery numbers continue to be elusive, our researchers recommend you give old "Paddy Murphy's Arm is Bent" a try. This amber offering just might help kick off the brain synapses that will lead you to picking the right numbers next time!
  • Thinking about the folks back home? Try our famous "Coleraine Cider." It harkens us back to Mother Ireland, and will have you singing "Black Velvet Band" for your fellow patrons in no time flat!

  • "Maggie McAfee's Porter" is a terrific "go-to" when it keeps raining, and you haven't got all your hay in yet. (And, yes, that could be a euphemism depending on your situation.)

  • Ever a crowd-pleaser, "Tits McGee Loves Lager" will never let you down! This tasty, full-bodied brew is a staple in Seamus's kegerator, and we're sure it will soon be in yours, too!
  • And last, but certainly not least, "Wee Willy, Have A Pint" is a stout that is as rich in tradition as it is in flavor. You'll soon find yourself saying, "Barkeep, pour me another!"
Give 'em all a try, and let us know which you prefer! We'll make sure to get your feedback to our research department just as soon as they wake up!
Drop us a line here in the comment section of our blog, or email us a note at We'll thank you in advance for any kind words or comments, and we'll get back to you right away regarding any questions or concerns you might have.

Thanks, again, for stopping by, and letting us help put an end to your thirst!


Famous Seamus & Crew

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